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The Golden Book of Iguana Care covers all of this, and a lot more. And when you read it, you’ll be BLOWN AWAY with how simple it really is to raise and care for iguanas.

“Who Else Wants to Give the Best Possible Care to Their Pet Iguanas and Improve Their Reptile’s Lifespan Tenfold?”

At Last! Everything you ever wanted to know about raising a happy and extremely healthy iguana -revealed!

Did you ever want to take care of a happy iguana?

Do you feel puzzled when it comes to keeping your pet reptile active and truly healthy?

Are you ready to make the right changes to make your iguana live longer in captivity?

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, then this may very well be the most exciting message you’ve read all day. Here’s why…

You’re about to discover a proven system for providing the best possible care to both young iguanas and fully grown, adult iguanas. This system works whether you have taken care of iguanas (or other reptiles) in the past or not.

Here’s the thing: it is actually not difficult to take care of iguanas – if you know how to provide the basic requirements of an iguana in captivity.

Iguanas are essentially wild animals that long for the wide open, arboreal spaces of tropic rain forests. This is where they come from and they will seek some of the comforts of their true homes even in captivity.

When you know how to provide the needs of these majestic (and gigantic) lizards, they will reward you with an active and relatively long life in captivity – in fact, iguanas can live up twenty years if they are well taken care of.

What most people don’t realize is that taking care of iguanas extremely easy to do. I know, because…

I’ve been raising a multitude of healthy iguanas for over ten years!

In that time, I’ve developed a foolproof ‘formula’ for taking care of iguanas (young and old) that is downright easy to follow, every step of the way.

I’ve compiled all my knowledge into an easy to follow, downloadable guide called “The Golden Book of Iguana Care”

This system is guaranteed to teach you everything you need to know about taking care of iguanas and creating the perfect habitat and environment for them to thrive in…

I know that’s a bold promise and it might sound a little “over the top” …but it’s true, and I can back up every word.

Here Are Three Good Reasons To Believe Me When I Tell You That Raising a Healthy Iguana Is Not Complicated At All

ONE: I have raised many iguanas since I started ten years ago and let me tell you – the more you get to know these majestic lizards, the more you learn and everything becomes easier over time.

TWO: Iguanas are extremely adaptive reptiles and can withstand even poor conditions – imagine what would happen if you give them the best care possible at home!

THREE: All of the resources and accessories needed to make your reptiles comfortable and healthy are available in local stores and online – you will never be at a loss as to where you will find the items you need to create the perfect habitat for your iguana.

(Nobody else is willing to put their “money where their mouth is” like this…)

The bottom line is this: My system is 100% guaranteed to work for you… just like it’s worked for countless iguana keepers before you.
If you’ve ever wanted to raise one or two iguanas, this will work for you.
If you have already raised a few iguanas and would like to improve your handling of these reptiles, this is for you.
If you would like to learn more about this reptile before purchasing one from a private iguana breeder or a pet store, this is for you.

In my course I will teach you a time-tested and perfected iguana care system. This formula is a simple, step-by-step plan you will follow to raise the best-looking and healthiest iguana in your neighborhood..

Of course, I also provide a step-by-step processes within the system. So, you’ll have absolutely no problems implementing the techniques I have outlined in this book..

My system has been tested, tweaked, and perfected over many years. The reason why it’s so popular is simple:

It Works Like Gangbusters

And there’s nothing like it available…not in bookstores, at, or even on the Internet.

See, what most people don’t realize is that iguana care is extremely simple. You just need to know what to do, and how to do it!

Even if you’re a total beginner and haven’t got a clue where to start, you can start raising iguanas within the day!

There are essentially 3 main things you need to know about taking care of iguanas:
1. How to create the absolute perfect habitat or iguana enclosure
2. How to handle the reptiles safely
3. How to feed them properly

The Golden Book of Iguana Care covers all of this, and a lot more. And when you read it, you’ll be BLOWN AWAY with how simple it really is to raise and care for iguanas.

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll discover…

A complete guide to expert iguana care that is not available anywhere else but here.
The 5 things expert iguana keepers will not share with you regarding your new pet.
When and when not to attempt modifying your pet iguana’s enclosure.
How to improve your handling of your pet iguana
The importance of understanding the essentials of iguana behavior especially the peculiar behaviors it exhibits in captivity.
How to prepare your home for the coming of a new pet iguana!
The 6 surefire ways you can extend the life of your iguana.
An entire chapter devoted to essential iguana care.
Why many iguana owners fail to give their pets the right kind of care
A complete guide to preventing disease from spreading in a group of iguanas.
Which types of food are just right for iguanas
Why the wrong type of food can greatly shorten the life of your pet lizard
How to prevent iguanas from ingesting non-digestible materials like substrates, rocks, etc..

Which type of reptile supplements are excellent for iguanas.
Where to buy supplies and other required materials for your pet lizard.
A crash course on the daily care routines needed for pet iguanas.
All about the simple ways to acclimatize your new iguana to its new habitat at home….
What to do if you have a completely new iguana at home.
The importance of safely taming young iguanas and adult iguanas….
All about the 3 things you should never do when it comes to adding a new substrate to your terrarium….
An entire chapter devoted to time tested and proven strategies for taming an iguana….
How to generate sufficient heat and light inside the iguana enclosure….
How to humidify the terrarium for your pet iguana….
How to setup the perfect iguana enclosure at home with inexpensive materials….
How to approach and touch a new iguana….

And that’s not nearly all.

And what’s really great is that…

You Can Be Absorbing This Information In the Next
30 Seconds!

You can order this amazing system right now and actually start discovering expert iguana care within 30 seconds…yes, that is right…WITHIN 30 SECONDS you can start improving your iguana’s health!

That’s because I’ve taken the entire system and turned it into a downloadable eBook.

All you need to do is open the eBook on your computer and begin reading!

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